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Jason McGrice is an accomplished Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer, Spinal Energetics Practitioner, and world-renowned Meditation Teacher with a career spanning two decades in holistic health. His entry into the world of spiritual wellness began in his twenties, a time marked by a struggle with crippling anxiety. Through spiritual discipline and meditation, Jason found not only relief but also his life’s purpose: to help others heal. He has committed himself to assisting people in overcoming their past traumas, finding deep states of relaxation to support healing and assisting the body's desire to achieve homeostasis - unlocking our intrinsic state of beingness.


In the sanctuary of Jason's healing space, you embark on an exploratory journey within the subtle energetic realms. Here, the pursuit of balance and equilibrium is not just an objective but the foundation from which your truest self can emerge. Jason offers a variety of healing approaches, including guided meditation, inner child work, timeline therapy and the hands-on comfort of Reiki energy, as well as the somatic system of Spinal Energetics (a fusion of Eastern healing and Western medicine to help relieve stress, trauma and tension from the body). Through his intuitive, grounded approach Jason will support you to access deep states of rest, recalibration and reset. Skillfully navigates the complexities of pain and trauma, creating a safe and supportive space for transformation and healing.


Jason’s attuned sensitivity to the body's needs allows him to create subtle and safe spaces that cultivate deep relaxation allowing his clients to meet the softer, quieter and more intimate parts of themselves while relieving anxiety, stress, PTSD and excessive worrying. As well as balancing emotions, moods and chakras. The somatic approach of Spinal Energetics directly addresses the emotional burdens harboured in our body's tissues and fascia. Through a practised blend of light touches, guided movements, and the resonance of sounds, he works within the subtle energy field of the body. This process allows for the gentle release of built-up tension and deep-seated emotional narratives, setting the stage for a journey of self-discovery and the liberation of the body’s silent stories.


Jason's dedication to enhancing nervous system function is bolstered by the desire to enrich the daily human experience, most importantly as parents and/or partners. His personal journey as a passionate father reinforces his belief in the transformative power of releasing everyday stress. He understands that nurturing ourselves can unlock deeper states of love, joy, contentment, satisfaction and peace that not only benefit us but ripple out, positively impacting our loved ones — particularly our children and partners — and by extension, the broader community. 


When Jason is not immersed in the subtle healing realm you will find him with two feet on the earth, creating epic things in his garden, playing soccer with the 6-year-old love of his life, immersed in his beautiful family life or finding an epic downhill mountain bike track to explore.


Eager to plant his roots in this community, Jason looks forward to nurturing the nervous systems, individuals, and families within this community, weaving together a tapestry of holistic wellbeing and collective thriving.

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Available for appointments on:

  • MONDAY (8:30am to 1:30pm)

  • TUESDAY (8:30am to 1:30pm)

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