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Julie’s love of nature and nurture commenced at a very young age, raised in rural Australia – then studying Animal Health & Nutrition at University and enjoying a 30 year career working with animals and the farming community.

As an independent mother of two young adults, who have now spread their wings, more ‘me’ time has allowed Julie to explore the Human nature of nurture and nutrition, more recently studying the Huna Philosophy and Polynesian Healing System of KaHuna Bodywork – incorporating Floor, Bone & Joint, and Pregnancy massage. 

Founder of ‘The Wellth Project’, working independently at her sanctuary studio, adjacent to the ocean and conservation park, Julie has successfully combined nutrition, nurture and nature principles into an alternative path in Health & Wellbeing. 

KaHuna bodywork uses Ki (Chi) energy, applied to the whole body, encouraging cell communication, and synchronisation of the heartbeat and breath – connecting the physical, emotional and spiritual body to wholeness. This reminds the body of its innate intelligence and ability to readjust and rebalance itself.


PHONE:  0434 158 285

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