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Nicki Rubenhold is a Fleurieu local of over 30 years , raising a family and enjoying the lifestyle
and sense of community that the Fleurieu beholds .


Nicki comes to AAHA transitioning from a 30-year career in nursing, including Midwifery,
Paediatrics, and Aged care. Frustrated with the increasing " patch and fix it quick " process and
the lack of time to educate and teach wellness in the prevention of illness within our health
institutions led Nicki on a self-awareness journey to change what she could offer as a healer
and therefore to be able to involve individuals more in the process of their own health and

She has always been aware of the power of touch throughout her nursing career and its ability to
reduce stress and anxiety, and its power to soothe and come back to " your place of being ". This
has led her to a Diploma in Remedial and Relaxation Massage, including pregnancy massage
where she can still provide wellness and wellbeing in the mother-to-be.

Nicki is also a Level 2 Vodder trained Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist registered on the
International Register for MLD Therapists. An exciting modality incorporating a harmonious
light skin technique that uses mechanical movement and stretching of the skin and connective
tissue to facilitate decongestion of lymph nodes and tissues and promote healing at a greater level
due to the lymphs connection to our immunity . This so aligns with Nicki s career as a nurse and
her awareness and knowledge of the body at a more cellular level.

" I have found my true place of being . To promote wellness, compassion, healing, and a self
and shared awareness through my hands and knowledge is a gift I can give back in a place of
peace and mindfulness. For to be nurtured is to be nurtured in return."

Member of MMA since 2021

PHONE:  0418 408 910

Available for appointments on:

  • MONDAY (9:30am to 2pm)

  • FRIDAY (9:30am to 2pm)

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A treatment receipt with provider details will be issued for you to claim.

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