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There is no substitute for the feeling of energy, strength, and stamina, and good health is at the core of you being at your best.

It is our belief at All About Health Aldinga that your health should be your number 1 priority.  When you consider the flow-on effects that good health has on all other areas of your life, you deserve a health practitioner who is going to support you with both ongoing maintenance and remedies for when things aren't working how they should.

When it comes to your health ask yourself...
What choices am I making to support my health?
What is stopping me from living a healthier life?
Why is it important for me to be healthier?
What can I do today to improve my health?

If living a healthy life is important to you, the All About Health Aldinga clinic is the place for you.  We currently have MASSAGE, ACUPUNCTURE, OSTEOPATHY, CHIROPRACTIC, and NATUROPATHY practitioners who all come highly recommended.  You can trust that they have the knowledge, skills, and experience to look after you and your health.  


The current practitioners operating from the All About Health Aldinga clinic:

The All About Health Aldinga clinic is located at:

Shop 4/8 Old Coach Rd
Aldinga  SA  5173


** Different practitioners are available on different days - check their profiles to see when they are available **


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If you would like to make a booking, please select the practitioner you would like to see and contact them through the details on their booking page.

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4/8 Old Coach Rd


Phone:  0403 043 145

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